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Stories To Prove That Psychics Are Real

If you have ever thought of going to a psychic to help you solve your problems, then you should know that you are not alone. Because of the lucrative nature of the psychic industry, some fraudsters have established themselves as psychics and so you have to be very careful when seeing one. The emergence of fraudsters is what has led a lot of people to question whether or not psychics are real. However, over the years there have been occurrences that science has failed to explain and that are too great to be coincidences thereby leading to a belief in the psychic world. This article seeks to look at a number of these occurrences.

This story is about a woman, who lived in South Beach and was about to lose everything. She was all alone in South Beach, mourning for her grandmother when she learnt that she was about to lose her job because the record company she was working for was being shut down. This woman, with a lot of despair sought answers from a psychic. The psychic gave her a prophesy of meeting her husband while working in a new company and thereafter giving birth to twins. After losing her job, she moved back home to New York and little did she know that the person who picked her up when going for her interview would later become her husband. After a while, an ultrasound informed the couple that they were pregnant with twins.

This other story is about a man who got a reading after completing an interview with a psychic. The psychic revealed to the man that he had seen his father and that he wanted his wife Ruth to know that he loved her and to throw away his neckties. This man’s story is very intriguing because nobody can come up with an explanation other than psychics are real since nobody had disclosed the man’s father’s death or his mother’s name or his mother still holding on to his father’s ties before they met for the interview.

The third story is that of a man who got a prediction about his first two jobs when he was still very young. The man was told that his first job would require him to travel very far from home and that he would hate it and this came to pass since the man acquired a job as a corporate long driver and he hated it. This story also becomes intriguing in the man’s second job’s prediction because it came to be exactly as the psychic had said, working with an Asian company that would see him travel a lot.